Ufficio di Verona: 03429050234
Numero REA: vr – 335681
Capitale sociale: € 10.000,00
Amministratore unico – soci 3

The company WEST POINT SRL, based in Villafranca VR in via Staffali 2 / A, as OWNER of the processing of personal data and belonging to the group C.P. Hotels Verona, whose structures are the contact details of the treatment, pursuant to articles 4, 7 and 24 of EU Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data (hereinafter, “Regulations” ), informs you, pursuant to art. 13 of the Code and 13 and 14 of the Regulations, to be the owner of his data and that these will be handled manually and / or with the support of IT or telematic means.


T1 (Customers booking and billing)

a. To fulfill the current administrative, accounting and tax obligations and the obligations to communicate customer data to the relevant police authorities.
We wish to inform you that, for security reasons, every access to the rooms by electronic key is recorded in our database in terms of date and time interval.

b. To complete the tourist booking service and to request information or availability on the website or other online tourist booking services to which the Holder is a member (by way of example, by booking; in this regard, it should be noted that all bookings and / or requests made through these booking services outside of our structure, may involve the transfer of your personal data, from these same services, to the Owner.

c. To provide economic regulation through means and coordinates indicated by you.

d. To execute extra specific services at the request of the interested party who need special types of personal data (eg restaurant reservations, taxis, guided tours, ticket office, etc.).

e. To carry out the service of external communication of data relating to the stay of the client and of the persons eventually involved, in order to allow the function of receiving messages, postings and telephone calls.

T4 (Preventive Customers)

f. Request and archive advice, offers and estimates for services and goods, including through the request for quotes service on the website.

T6 (Customer marketing)

g. To send to the client subsequent greeting and promotional messages, newsletters or satisfaction questionnaires; data can also be collected during participation in fairs and conferences.

T10 (Customer profiling)

h. To improve the services offered to the client, according to their needs, with prior written consent and in order to obtain commercial, financial and / or financial information about behavior and habits related to the historical sales and reservations.

T11 (Diffusion customers)

i. On the occasion of possible participation of our Clients to events organized by us and subsequently advertised, also by means of simple data and photographs of the participants on our website or on the Company’s social pages, we request authorization to such publication, guaranteeing with specific information, the limited purpose and the scope of dissemination.

T12 (Customer chat)

j. To obtain specific or general information about the services provided or to be provided by the Owner.


a. As indicated in points 1.a 1.b and 1.c, the provision of data is mandatory: in its absence it is not possible to make a tourist reservation, to satisfy the request for availability or information. The absence of the conferment therefore determines the non-continuation of the contract or the request process.

b. For point 1.e, the authorization is mandatory: the lack of written consent will result in the total absence of external communication about his stay and in any case about his reservation; we therefore invite you to consider this possibility well, which will have no exception; the lack of authorization does not prejudice in any way the non-continuation of the contract.

c. As indicated in point 1.d, 1.fe 1.j, the provision of data is optional and does not prejudice in any way the services indicated in points 1.a and 1.b, while its absence could make it impossible to supply of the only specific services required.

d. The treatment for the purposes indicated in points 1.g, 1.h and 1.i will occur only with the Vs. explicit consent; this consent may however be subsequently revoked by contacting the owner directly or by e-mail at the address:


The data will not be disseminated and if occasionally they could be (T11), the interested party will always have the right to express his consent in advance and then authorize the publication on our websites and on our social pages, in close relation with any event published; may be communicated to any other third party when the communication is mandatory by law, including the scope of prevention / repression of any illegal activity related to access to the Site and / or sending a request.

With reference to art. 13, paragraph 1, letter (e) of the Regulations, we proceed to the indication of the subjects or categories of subjects who may become aware of the personal data of the user as managers or agents and provide a list below for categories:

Third-party vendors to process vs. personal information in order to be able to contact you directly only if consent has been given to point 1.e by the interested party.
The C.P. Group Hotels Hotels Verona, which are the contact details of the processing and which can obtain information on the home page of our website
Internal and external assignees and / or managers identified in writing by the Owner and to whom specific instructions have been given (such as commercial studies, legal studies, IT assistance).


a. Satisfaction of requests by the interested party.

b. Rules of public security and tax law.

c. Consent of the interested party only in the foreseen cases.


a. The transfer of data provided by the data subject in countries outside the EU is not foreseen by the data controller.


a. The data referred to in points 1.a and 1.b will be kept as required by current regulations, also to speed up the registration process in case of your subsequent stays.
Information about staying times in the rooms is removed within a year of their registration.

b. The data indicated in point 1.c, 1.d and 1.e will be kept only for the period of stay of the interested party at the holder’s structure.

c. The data referred to in points 1.f will be kept by the Data Controller unless explicitly requested by the interested party who intends to assert their right to cancellation (see section 7. RIGHTS OF THE INTERESTED PARTY), while the consents referred to in the points 1.g, 1.h, 1.i will always be subject to your right of revocation (see section 8. CONTACTS).


The interested party enjoys the following rights:

a. Right to access to personal data.
b. Right to obtain rectification or cancellation of the same or limitation of the processing that concern him.
c. Right to oppose treatment.
d. Right to data portability.
e. Right to withdraw the consent (except for cases of legal obligations, or for the performance of a task in the public interest or connected to the exercise of public authority vested in the Holder).
f. Right to propose a complaint to the supervisory authority, or the Privacy Guarantor


To exercise your rights and for any information you can contact the holder at the following address: